We offer company advice and consulting, mainly focusing on company arrangements, acquisitions and changes of generation. We also offer consulting for financial administration. We have years’ of experience from both accountancy and economy

  • HT- auditing
  • establishing a business
  • financial statement consulting
  • tax advice, company taxation
  • changes of company form
  • mergers and liquidations
  • tax advice
  • operation inspections
  • organisation for expenses
  • probate proceedings

Benefits for our customer

  • your problems are solved
  • the financial benefit is better with the help of an expert
  • the so-called second opinion in case you want to deal it yourself but just want to make it sure

Business start-up services

  • selection of corporate form
  • founding companies when necessary
  • start-up notices to tax authorities
  • other authority matters
  • arranging financial administration services
  • insurance matters
  • personnel matters and solutions
  • contract matters
  • networking with interest groups
  • business services for foreigners

What we do

  • acquisitions, changes of generation
  • a company or a part of it
  • selling on our own webpages and/or somewhere else
  • defining the company price
  • find out tax consequences
  • we take care of the sales contracts
  • aim at a deal that satisfies both parties